Hey loves, I am a black woman and a new business owner. This page is specifically for the Black Lives Matter Movement. Each product's proceeds purchased on this page will be donated to this movement. Thank you for supporting the movement. We are in this together. Help us end Police Brutality and show the world Black Lives Matter. Black rights are human rights. Lets demand liberty and justice for all. Once and for all.

Other Ways To Support

Enough is enough. Our pain, our cries, and our need to be seen and heard resonate throughout this entire country. We demand acknowledgment and accountability for the devaluation and dehumanization of Black life at the hands of the police. We call for radical, sustainable solutions that affirm the prosperity of Black lives.

Take a moment to read, think, learn. To stay informed and involved, follow the movement. Look up the Black Lives Matter Hashtag on all social media platforms. Read articles and books such as:

  • How to Be an AntiRacist - Ibran X kendi

  • So you want to talk about Race - Ijeoma oluo

  • Good Talk: A Memoir in Conversations Mira Jacob


Nonviolent Protests 

We are in this together. Find ways to connect with people who are different than you. From all walks of life. Protest everyday if you can. 

Organizations to Follow

  • Black Lives Matter


  • Color of Change

  • The Leadership Conference

  • Showing Up for Racian Justice 

  • Reclaim The Block

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